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I've lived my life in healthcare. I grew up in a medical household, and later got an M.D. Now, in mid-life, I am saddened and dismayed. America is the wealthiest country in the world, yet we often bankrupt our citizens when they become ill. We cure what seems incurable, but then abandon the many others. Care is often replaced by technology. I believe every generation of humanity solves its problem through a new paradigm. The last paradigm was about the computer and optimizing the individual. We are now entering a new era, one where problems are solved via the ccommunity. My intent with this blog is to offer a perspective on the broken process we all face when we're sick. If you agree, tell me. If you disagree, I want to know. To cut the Gordian Knot of Healthcare will require- collaboration and a team based approach to care, along with innovative ideas from every quarter.

January 2017

The Patient As Captain Of Their Own Ship- After Quadriplegia.

Sheila Pitt is an Art Professor, and my mother. After a horse accident, she is also a quadriplegic. Many physicians, including me, believe to solve the healthcare crisis patients need to be partners, captains of their own ship. My mother discusses her journey.

December 2016

Where’s My CT? A Conversation with Dr. Eliot Siegel

All to often a patient's CT or MRI is not available on a follow up appointment. Given imaging has been digital for a 1/4 century, this seems absurd. Dr. Siegel, the first physician to have a fully filmless department in the world, reviews the history of imaging and some of the barriers to imaging access.

How is Philips Viewing Value Based Care?- A Conversation with Cheryl Iodice, Chief Marketing Officer at Philips

Given it's size, Philips Healthcare has the opportunity transform how healthcare (wellness) is provided in America and across the world. Cheryl Iodice, Philips's Chief Marketing Officer, offers some perspectives in this interview.

November 2016

Sr. Margaret McBride Views on End of Life-Part 2

In part 1 Sr. McBride discussed being ex-communicated for her role in allowing an abortion to save the life of a mother. Part 2 reviews her views of end of life. The Catholic Church holds all life is sacred. However, with all our tools to prolong life, modern medicine can test this tenet. Sr. McBride talks about how she works to bring her core values to the bedside as a Nun and hospital administrator.

October 2016

A Hospital CEO’s Worry- Regulation As Much As Revenue

Dan Jones is the former CEO of Phoenix Baptist Hospital, part of Tenet Healthcare. Hospitals across the country are struggling with the transition to value. This effort is complicated by evolving regulation. Dan talks about his role leading the hospital and offers advice for innovators hoping to partner

Will Hospitals Transition to Value? Yes For Some, But Not For All.

The transition from the current pay as you go, fee for service model to value based care delivery will not be without casualties. Many hospitals may not survive. Dr. Keith Marton, former Chief Medical and Quality Officer for Providence Health offers some thoughts on the coming changes in healthcare.

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