October 2016

Dr. Robert Spetzler, Director of the Barrow Neurological Institute, Reflections on His Career

In 1983 Dr. Robert Spetzler came to the Barrow Neurological Institute. Over the next 30+ years Dr. Spetzler (and importantly with his team) built the premier neurosurgery program. In that time Dr. Spetzler authored over 700 publications, authored or co-authored 270 book chapters and 20 books. The BNI now has the largest neurosurgical residency in the US and a BNI alumni is now on staff at half of the university programs in the US with many others alumni providing leadership around the world. Retiring in June of 2017, Dr. Spetzler reflections on his career and offers perspectives on building a center of excellence.

PodCast- Alexis Gilroy, A Leading Telehealth Attorney, On the Changing Innovation Landscape

Alexis Gilroy is a lawyer based in Washington D.C. and a partner for Jones Day. She is a nationally recognized expert specializing in healthcare and technology. She has a particular expertise in telemedicine and “compact” legislation, the evolving process for physicians to care for patients across state lines. She offers her perspectives on the innovation and the changing legal requirements.

September 2016

Podcast- Deb Dahl: Advice to the Innovator on Working with Healthcare Systems

Deb Dahl is a senior executive for Banner Health. She is responsible for review of innovation and then (perhaps more importantly) execution, bringing new ideas for better care to the bedside. She reviews her experience and offers advice to companies hoping to work with Banner.

Podcast: The Ex-Communicated Nun – A Conversation with Sr. Margaret McBride

While serving on the hospital ethics committee in 2009, Sr. Margaret encountered a young mother of four, 11 weeks pregnant, presented in extremis due to pre-existing pulmonary hypertension the medical experts involved felt the woman would die if the pregnancy wasn’t terminated within 48 hours. Further, she was too sick to transfer to another facility. Faced with two deaths, mother and child, or one, Sister Margaret, with the rest of the ethics committee, voted to abort the fetus in accordance with the mother’s wishes. Based on this decision, Bishop Thomas Olmsted ex-communicated Sister Margaret. In addition, the bishop required the sister to resign her position as a mission leader and mandated education for others so that a similar event did not happen again. The bishop saw the decision as black and white. If it was God’s will for both mother and child to die, so be it.

Healthcare PittStop: 10 years and 2000 proposed innovations at Kaiser- a conversation with Dr. Yan Chow

Dr. Yan Chow spent 10 years as the Director of Innovation at the Garfield Center, one of Kaiser Permanents’ centers for innovation. During that time countless companies came through the doors. Dr. Chow has some insights for both the companies and hospitals looking to innovate.

Podcast: Healthcare PittStop, Curating Conversations for Better Care

Several years ago I started blogging, hoping to offer my perspective on some common healthcare problems. Although this platform has proven useful (and I will continue to blog), today I am launching Healthcare PittStop. This new endeavor is intended to be not a one-way vehicle but a forum for conversation, a place where I can stitch together the disparate pieces of my journey through healthcare while fielding views from other stakeholders in the field.

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