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The Covid Tracking Project

Covid- Cancer for the Rest of Us

Over the course of my career as a physician, I’ve occasionally been asked to help a friend through a new...

Storming the Data Moats of Healthcare- A Conversation with Niko Shievaski

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are like operating systems. They do everything, but nothing well. Like windows, hospitals need applications on...
in hospital

In Hospital Telehealth is not an Oxymoron. Here’s Why.

For thousands of years, healthcare has revolved around centralized relationships between patients and their healers. In their suffering (the Latin...

We’re at War- Time to Reconsider Everything- A Conversation with Neil Carpenter

Systems are going to fail by location related to virus penetration, age of the population and ICU capacity. We need...

I’m A Neuroradiologist With Crushing Back Pain. I Didn’t Get An MRI. Maybe You Shouldn’t Either- At Least Urgently.

I’m a neuroradiologist—that’s the doctor who reads the MRI of your brain or spine. Lately I’ve been having crushing back...

Data in Health Care: Would You Share Information to Gain Better Care?

Originally published in Health Progress, Jan/Feb 2020- Reprinted with permission   Would You Share Information to Gain Better Care? What...

I Want To Die Like A Dog

Or, at least, like some dogs. Let me explain. Sweetie at bring your dog to school...
Dr. David Shulkin

David Shulkin- Innovating at the VA, Confirmed by the Senate 100-0, Fired by Tweet

Alan Pitt: Good morning, this is Dr. Alan Pitt. I'm here on Healthcare PittStop, and I feel very proud to...
boehmer li

Dr. Kasey Boehmer- Healthcare is real work- for the patient

Alan Pitt: Good morning, this is Alan Pitt. Today, I have Dr. Kasey Boehmer. She's at the Mayo Clinic. Kasey...
Doctors reviewing a case

3C’s, AI and the Future of Medical Imaging

Reprinted from the HLTH blog This October, I’ll be attending the HLTH conference in Las Vegas, and will be moderating...
2011-02-07 Marta Nystrom headshots_small_web

Want to Retire Early?- Consider Leaving America

Marta Nystrom spent her career advising other people about retirement. When she decided to retire, before 65, decided to leave...

Is Data More Valuable Than Your Blood?-Part II with Gerry Stegmaier

Rather Than Oil, Data Is Oxygen For Artificial Intelligence- Currently The Market Is Starved For Oxygen While Current HIPAA Law...
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