September 2019

3C’s, AI and the Future of Medical Imaging

Will AI be automaggedon for radiologists- automate them out of a job? No, but there will be changes. Automation requires a reassessment. No longer the unique keepers of knowledge, physicians will need to find others ways to add value.

July 2019

Want to Retire Early?- Consider Leaving America

Marta Nystrom spent part of her career advising others considering retirement. When she wanted to retired before 65 when Medicare would be available, she left the US for Columbia. Marta talks about care in Columbia.

Is Data More Valuable Than Your Blood?-Part II with Gerry Stegmaier

Advances Artificial Intelligence

May 2019

Is Your Data More Valuable Than Blood? Like the Red Cross, Do We Need a Data Cross?

Like your blood, your data can save others. Combine with data from other people and the right technology, your data can identify future cures. However, there is an ongoing debate. Who owns your data? And should you share in future profits if there are products? We need to balance individual rights against societal benefit moving forward.

Surprise Billing- A By Product of Our Broken Healthcare

Surprised billing results from doctors and hospitals negotiating with payers. When the rate of reimbursement for services is lower than a provider is willing to accept patients from that insurer are "out of network." When services are rendered the patient may be charged double or triple the usual rate. Current legislation looks to fix the problem. This is a discussion with a doctor, hospital and payer about current solutions.

March 2019

Dr. Elizabeth Teisberg- Revisiting “Redefining Healthcare”- What Do We Mean By “Value?”

Dr. Teisberg and her colleague Dr. Michael Porter helped define “Value Based Healthcare” in their seminal HBR article and later book, Redefining Healthcare. However, the definition of value is often interpreted differently by different stakeholders in the healthcare system. Dr Teisberg reviews the impetus for her original work and puts it in context for how we might think about the future.

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