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I've lived my life in healthcare. I grew up in a medical household, and later got an M.D. Now, in mid-life, I am saddened and dismayed. America is the wealthiest country in the world, yet we often bankrupt our citizens when they become ill. We cure what seems incurable, but then abandon the many others. Care is often replaced by technology. I believe every generation of humanity solves its problem through a new paradigm. The last paradigm was about the computer and optimizing the individual. We are now entering a new era, one where problems are solved via the ccommunity. My intent with this blog is to offer a perspective on the broken process we all face when we're sick. If you agree, tell me. If you disagree, I want to know. To cut the Gordian Knot of Healthcare will require- collaboration and a team based approach to care, along with innovative ideas from every quarter.

January 2020

Data in Health Care: Would You Share Information to Gain Better Care?

Data 1.0 was about paper. Data 2.0 was digitization. Data 3.0 looks to change the relationship between man and machine. What would you be willing to give to live 5 years longer in good health? How about your facebook account data or your buying history? If not for you, how about for your elderly parent, or sick child. The future is a balance between privacy concerns and better health. Ultimately you may have to give to get.

December 2019

I Want To Die Like A Dog

Dogs die with dignity. Why can't we?

November 2019

David Shulkin- Innovating at the VA, Confirmed by the Senate 100-0, Fired by Tweet

Dr. David Shulkin is the former Secretary of the VA. He took the role to make a difference for veterans. Approved by the Senate 100-0, he became the target of presidential appointees for not innovating fast enough. He was later fired by tweet. He is now the author of a book, It Should Be This Hard To Serve Your Country. My hope is that we can all learn from his courage.

October 2019

Dr. Kasey Boehmer- Healthcare is real work- for the patient

Providers tend to talk about adherence. What does it mean to stay healthy? It means life decisions every day for the patient.

September 2019

3C’s, AI and the Future of Medical Imaging

Will AI be automaggedon for radiologists- automate them out of a job? No, but there will be changes. Automation requires a reassessment. No longer the unique keepers of knowledge, physicians will need to find others ways to add value.

July 2019

Want to Retire Early?- Consider Leaving America

Marta Nystrom spent part of her career advising others considering retirement. When she wanted to retired before 65 when Medicare would be available, she left the US for Columbia. Marta talks about care in Columbia.

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