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2011-02-07 Marta Nystrom headshots_small_web

Want to Retire Early?- Consider Leaving America

Marta Nystrom spent her career advising other people about retirement. When she decided to retire, before 65, decided to leave...

Is Data More Valuable Than Your Blood?-Part II with Gerry Stegmaier

Rather Than Oil, Data Is Oxygen For Artificial Intelligence- Currently The Market Is Starved For Oxygen While Current HIPAA Law...

Is Your Data More Valuable Than Blood? Like the Red Cross, Do We Need a Data Cross?

In 1951 Henrietta Lacks, a young black woman, was admitted to Johns Hopkins University with aggressive, terminal cervical cancer. Her...
HealthAffairs, 2/1/2017

Surprise Billing- A By Product of Our Broken Healthcare

I'm here today to talk about surprise billing, and I have the trifecta. I have a provider (myself), I have...
WHC Keynote Oct 2018

Dr. Elizabeth Teisberg- Revisiting “Redefining Healthcare”- What Do We Mean By “Value?”

  Dr. Teisberg and her colleague Dr. Michael Porter helped define “Value Based Healthcare” in their seminal HBR article and...
Blue Ocean

Why Can’t Telehealth Scale?

I just returned from the annual HIMMS meeting—that’s the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, for those unfamiliar with the...

A Tale Of 2 JPMorgans- The World’s Largest Healthcare Investment Conference

I just returned from J.P. Morgan’s Healthcare Conference. With investors, healthcare systems, and companies all descending on San Francisco for...

Why Don’t You Eat Your Vegetables. What Can We Learn From Sales?

Everybody Sells. If physicians can’t sell their diagnosis and treatment plan to their patients, to some degree, have they’ve failed?...
Mackert Head Shot 2018

Why Don’t You Eat Your Vegetables- What Can We Learn from Drug Company Advertising?

Summary  -For healthcare providers,  “persuasion”  through advertising is often thought to be a dirty word. However, there is no doubt...

Back to the Future- Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Get Doctors & Patients Talking Again?

Disclosure- I am an advisor to Cloudmedx Thirty years ago, when I started my medical career, we would document clinical...

Behavioral Economics at the Bedside- Part II with Doug Hough

Consent varies depending on how you ask the questions One of the reasons we under value insurance- The future "you" doesn't...

Why Don’t You Eat Your Vegetables- A Primer on Behavioral Economics- Dr. Doug Hough

  Mainstream economics assumes everyone is rational. Behavioral Economics (BE) does not. People often act irrationality. Based in psychology, BE...