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Why Don’t You Eat Your Vegetables? Behavioral Economics and Communication in Healthcare

I do not like broccoli. And I haven't liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made...

Telemedicine Revisited- Rethinking the Opportunity

I’ve spent more than 10 years working in telemedicine, watching the industry evolve from a largely grant-funded academic interest to...

Telemedicine: Health Care Unconfined by Walls

Reprinted with permission from Catholic Healthcare Assemblies, Sept/Oct 2018 Summary added by the author Telemedicine is now less a technology...
Ian Pearsob

The FDA Manages Healthcare Products, Not Healthtcare Practice

Trans Aortic Valve Replacement Today I talk with Ian Pearson, formerly a lawyer with the FDA,...
the collar

Can Healthcare Do Better? Life After Quadriplegia

10 years ago my mother became a #quadriplegic after falling from a horse. Her journey was & is part of...

When it Comes to Healthcare- There’s a Mismatch Between What’s Possible and What’s Allowed

Chris O’Dell, Director of Digital Strategy and Alliances at Stanford Health Care   -Digital is not a strategy but a...

M & A in the Telehealth Space- What does it mean for the Industry & Healthcare?

With Jackie Busch at ATA 2018 Last week at the American Telemedicine Association (#ATA) meeting, #Avizia...

Physician Suicide is up 24%- Is the EMR to Blame?

Janae Sharp's physician spouse committed suicide. This lead her on a quest to try and figure out why physician suicides...

Stop Fat Shaming. Our Food May Be At Fault.

  Today on Healthcare Pittstop, I welcome Dr. Kevin Potter. Kevin and I work together in Arizona. Kevin specializes in...

Tele-Stroke- It’s All About Building Relationships

Alan Pitt: Welcome to Healthcare Pittstop. Today I have a friend with me, Dr. Andy Barbash. As many of you...
Neupert med res cu 550v IMG_0903

Without Changing the Incentives, Healthcare Won’t Change- A Conversation with Peter Neupert.

 Summary (lightly edited) Personalized medicine will usher in an era when physicians begin to realize they can’t memorize everything. To...

Thoughts from RSNA, Medical Imaging’s Largest Meeting

Featuring everything related to medical imaging, the Radiologic Society of North America (RSNA) is one of the country’s largest medical...