August 2018

The FDA Manages Healthcare Products, Not Healthtcare Practice

Many Americans, including American physicians, believe the FDA is a safety watchdog. However, the agencies focuses on evaluation and labeling of products, not the use at in the wild, medical practice. Unfortunately, patients need to check on their providers experience rather rely on expert outcomes.

July 2018

Can Healthcare Do Better? Life After Quadriplegia

10 years ago my mother became a #quadriplegic after falling from a horse. Her journey was & is part of my inspiration for blogging.  My mother, now 78, is still a quad. But she continues working as a Professor, both teaching undergraduates and making #art ( She’s had a couple of near death experiences (literally) [...]

June 2018

When it Comes to Healthcare- There’s a Mismatch Between What’s Possible and What’s Allowed

What's possible is not always what's allowed. As Stanford moves to newer models of care delivery, effort should be split between tech and education. Legislative efforts are equally important. Chris O'Dell, Stanford's Director of Digital Strategy offers some of his insights.

May 2018

M & A in the Telehealth Space- What does it mean for the Industry & Healthcare?

Earlier this week #Avizia and #AmWell merged. This marks a transition from technology to care delivery for the telehealth industry.

April 2018

Physician Suicide is up 24%- Is the EMR to Blame?

Janae Sharp's physician spouse committed suicide. This lead her on a quest to try and figure out why physician suicides are up, way up. Though technology may play a role, there are other factors at work.

March 2018

Stop Fat Shaming. Our Food May Be At Fault.

In America obesity is often viewed as a personal weakness- laziness. However, the obesity epidemic more likely due to changes in our food supply over the past 30 years. Dr. Kevin Potter, an expert in obesity surgery, discusses the problem and potential solutions.

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