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Telehealth; Fitting care around my patient’s lives- MUSC’s Dr. Jimmy McElligott

Today on Healthcare PittStop I have with me pediatrician and Director for Telehealth at the Medical University of South Carolina,...

What Really Determines Health? Your Friends & Family- Part 2 with Khan Siddiqui

In the first part of my discussion with Dr. Siddiqui we talked about healthcare applications and some of his experience...

Perhaps Healthcare Tools Need To Be Less Purposeful & More Fun- A Conversation Khan Siddiqui

Today on HealthcarePittStop I have a very good friend with me, Khan Siddiqui. We've known each other close to a...
jeff c

Why Do We Have Medical Malpractice?

  This afternoon I have with me a good friend of mine, Jeff Campbell, a practicing attorney. Jeff has spent his...

Friend or Foe- Will Computers Replace or Assist Radiologists?

  In part 2 of my discussion with Dr. Eliot Siegel, I'd like to talk about artificial intelligence and how...
Professor Sheila Pitt, University of Arizona

The Patient As Captain Of Their Own Ship- After Quadriplegia.

Welcome to Healthcare PittStop. Several months ago I had a conversation with Dr. Robert Spetzler, the Director of the Barrow...

Where’s My CT? A Conversation with Dr. Eliot Siegel

Welcome to Healthcare PittsStop. Today I have with me a very good friend, Dr. Eliot Siegel. Dr. Siegel is a...
Cheryl Iodice, CMO, Philips Healthcare

How is Philips Viewing Value Based Care?- A Conversation with Cheryl Iodice, Chief Marketing Officer at Philips

Today on Healthcare PittStop I feel fortunate to have Cheryl Iodice from Philips Healthcare with me to talk about Philips'...
Sr. Margaret McBride Views on End of Life-Part 2

Sr. Margaret McBride Views on End of Life-Part 2

  Today Sr. Margaret McBride joins me for Part 2 of our conversation. In Part 1, we covered a very...

A Hospital CEO’s Worry- Regulation As Much As Revenue

Welcome to Healthcare PittStop. Today I have with me a friend, Dan Jones, the former CEO of Phoenix Baptist Hospital....

Will Hospitals Transition to Value? Yes For Some, But Not For All.

Welcome to Healthcare PittsStop. Today I feel blessed to have Dr. Keith Marton, the former Chief Medical Officer for the...

Dr. Robert Spetzler, Director of the Barrow Neurological Institute, Reflections on His Career

Today I have the honor of having Dr. Robert Spetzler with me. [Dr. Spetzler is the Director of Barrow Neurological...
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