October 2017

Is Bigger Better for American Imaging?- Dr. Jay Bronner, RadPartners

Merger and acquisitions are becoming common place in healthcare. Dr. Jay Bronner, Chief Medical Officer and President of RadPartners, discusses the future of medical imaging- some of the advantages and some of the concerns related to large mega-groups in radiology.

September 2017

Death Panels vs Irrational Rationing- You Choose

Rather than than a war of partisan sound bites the time has come for Americans to decide how much healthcare we're willing to give to our neighbor.

“We have plenty of physicians- we just have to stop asking them to do silly things” Rick Vaughn- Chief Medical Officer of SSM

Dr. Rick Vaugh did his residency with a paper chart, but now oversees the digital transformation for SSM, a large midwestern healthcare system. Although this conversion hasn't been easy, he sees opportunities for patients and providers to get back to more human-human interaction. He discusses the past, present and future of health tech.

August 2017

Krista Drobac-Legislative Efforts to Reduce Healthcare Costs via Telehealth

{podcast} Telehealth has faced an uphill battle for reimburse. Improved access is viewed as a risk for overuse by Medicare. Krista Drobac discusses the legislative efforts to improve reimburse, and ultimately care.

Healthcare Systems- Moving from Competition to Co-Opetition

{podcast} Healthcare system often compete rather than cooperate. However, they have common goals and common struggles. At a recent conference hosted by Healthleaders Media, innovative ideas were shared on how to better care for each other.

July 2017

Diet’s a 4 Letter Word When it Comes to Research- Cancer & The Ketogenic Diet

Today on Healthcare PittStop I have with me Dr. Adrienne Scheck to talk about the ketogenic diet. But before we get to the diet, I'd like to talk about who you are and then how you got interested in the diet. Could you tell the folks listening in a little bit about your research prior [...]

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