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white rabbit

Obamacare: Healthcare’s Own Journey Through Wonderland (Part 2)

Rich or poor, without your health, you have nothing. Perhaps that’s why the business of healthcare, almost 20% of America’s...

Obamacare, Healthcare’s Own Journey Through Wonderland

Imagine you’re in a grocery store. A man in white is wheeling your cart, grabbing things from the shelf. “You...

How Technology Will Disrupt Your Doctor’s Monopoly

Although you may not realize it, your doctor is a monopoly. Yes, you can see someone else, but not without...

Personalized Medicine vs Personalized Care: It’s Not Just About Technology

As in so many arenas today (education, communications), the medical fields are all abuzz with the latest technology. Take Personalized...

Healthcare Reform and Pain Management: A Retreat from Drugs and Surgery

In one particular arena, pain is a uniquely American condition. Americans make up 4 % of the world’s population but...
Interview with Drs. Dale Alverson and Elizabeth Krupinski at the ATP Service Provider Showcase, Phoenix, 10/2014

Telemedicine Doesn’t Define Me, It Enables Me

Interview with Drs. Dale Alverson and Elizabeth Krupinski at the ATP Service Provider Showcase,...

Ebola: Impossible Choices Leave Nurses in Tears

After caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, the only American to die from Ebola, many nurses at the Dallas hospital ended...

There’s a wide chasm between wellness and healthcare

There's a lot of talk about shifting our focus from healthcare to wellness. Great idea. After all, it's far cheaper...

The Rural Drive-By…Not as Loud but Equally Deadly

Drive-By’s are happening every day in Rural America.  In this case, it's the resident driving by their local hospital in...

Towards a Consumer Reports for Healthcare

With most major buying decisions I look to others for advice.  Sometimes it's a friend, occasionally it's a review, but...

The Healthcare Pyramid- A View From the Apex & The Base

The Apex of Care I am a successful physician at the Barrow Neurological Institute (BNI), the U.S largest hospital for...

What if HIPAA and Medical Malpractice Were Evaluated by Double Blind, Randomized, Control Studies?

  The recent Dallas Buyer’s Club told the story of Ron Woodruff, a cowboy infected with the AIDS virus early in the...